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38 Gallon
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Name38 Gallon
Size38 Gallons
C02 SystemLiquid CO2
FertilizerFlourish comp, iron, potassium, Phosphorus, nitrogen, trace, and root tabs
Inhabitants2x sunburst platy
2x red wag platy
2x dwarf gourami
Filtration2 aqua clear 50
Lighting1 aquatic life 36" T5HO light fixture with 2 6700K 39 watt bulbs
Temperature76-77 degrees F
DecorLive Plants
10x Wisteria
6x Water Sprite
2x Java Fern narrow leaf
2x Anubias nana
1x anubias barteri
3x el nino fern
2x bacopa caroliniana
1x Amazon sword
1x Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

1x 12x6x15 piece (approx)
Foodaqueon sprinula flakes
Freeze dried blood worms
Occasional cooked pea
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