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Nano Reef
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NameNano Reef
Size15 Gallons
Live Rock6 pounds
Power Head(s)Rio 50 powerhead
Protein Skimmerno
Calcium Reactorno
RO/DI Systemno
Lighting Schedule10 am- 8 pm
Dosing ScheduleKent purple tech weekly, DT`s Phytoplankton every other day
Flow Rate269 gph
Top Off Sourcero/di freshwater
InhabitantsPerc Clownfish, 2-3 Nassarius Snails,Astrea Snail, Zebra hermits
FiltrationAquaclear 70 Refugium with Purigen media
LightingAqueon 50/50 Daylight/Bluelight
DecorLive rock
AccessoriesHeater, thermometer , hydrometer
FoodPellets, DT`s Premium Reef Blend Phytoplankton
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