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180 Gallon SPS Tank
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Name180 Gallon SPS Tank
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size127 Gallons
Live Rock200 lbs
Sump70 gallon acrylic
Power Head(s)Two EcoTech Vortechs
One Tunze 6105
Protein SkimmerEuroReef RS250
Calcium ReactorPrecision Marine RFCa4
Controller/TimerPinpoint pH Controller
RO/DI SystemAquaFx Mako 100 GPD
Lighting Schedule2-11:30
Flow Rate9834 gph through display
800 through sump
Top Off SourceRO/DI
InhabitantsORA Grade A Picasso Clown
Lots of Tridacna clams
FiltrationFilter and Sump with Macroalgae
Lighting3 x 250 watt SE halides
- 3 x CoralVue dimmable ballasts
- 3 x Lumen Bright Mini Reflectors
FoodMix of Frozen Foods
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