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Size180 Gallons
Inhabitants4 ornate bichir, 3 senegal bichir, 2 endlicheri bichir, and 1 delhezi bichir.
FiltrationDiy tower wet/dry filter, using filter floss in over flow, bio-balls and plastic pot scrubber in the trays of the tower, 50 gallon sump.
Lightingjust 1 single flourescent strip in the middle of aquarium, soon will change lighting on all my aquariums to led lighting strips.
Temperature75 degree's
Decorrock, plastic plant
Accessories38 rubber maid garbage can for water changes, 5 gallon buckets, lg fish net, hy-dro clean, long handle algae scrubber.
FoodTilipia strips, smelt, bottom feeder pellets, frozen blood worms, and raw shrimp pieces.
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