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Goldie tank
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NameGoldie tank
Size50 Gallons
Inhabitantslionhead, telescope eye, rynkin, pearl scale, oranda, a calico guy
Decora few plants, a bubbler, some rocks
FoodHikari lionhead, beef heart, peas tubiflex worms
From aussieJJDude on 12/13/12
Love it - though it does look a bit small....
From konstargirl on 07/25/10
That looks smaller than 50 gallons
From Bichir on 01/15/10
I love your fish. So cute.
From FishySuzy on 07/10/09
Lol, aww, the black and gold one is like one of those OMG YOU'RE LOOKING AT ME! AHH! spaz cute.
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