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Main Tank
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NameMain Tank
Size75 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY via airstone into Sponge Filter
FertilizerFlourite, SeaChem "Flourish"
Inhabitants1 6yr old Opaline Gourami
4 1yr old Black Skirt Tetras
2 1 yr old Zebra Danios

More fish coming soon, i wanted to allow the plants to take up root before i start introducing more fish. Most likely Angels.
FiltrationSponge filter rated for 80 gal.
Circulation Pump hooked up to CO2
Lighting2 Flourescent (T4) hood lights with Plant bulbs on.

I know I know... an updated setup is coming.
Temperature76 Degrees Fahrenheit
DecorDriftwood, Plants:
Anubias Nana, Anachris, Amazon Sword, Crypt, Spiral Val,
AccessoriesRiver Stone, Slate
FoodTetraMin Color Enhancing Tropical Flakes, Bloodworms
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