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Main House Tank
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NameMain House Tank
Size25 Gallons
InhabitantsRed Tail Shark (1, 4")
Blood Fin Tetra (5, 1.5"-ish)
Cardinal Tetra (1, 1")
Flame Honey Gourami (4, 1")
Emerald Green Cory (1, 1.5")
Ghost Shrimp (2, 1.25"-ish)
Singapore Shrimp (2, 2")
Freshwater Clam (2, 1"-ish)
FiltrationEclipse System Filter
LightingEclipse System Lighting
Temperature76 Degrees Farenheit
DecorRock structures & fallen tree
AccessoriesArtificial plants
FoodFlake, Crisps, Micro Pellets
From jack26707 on 01/21/12
love ur tank, u should get some more cardinals, though.
From dorabaker on 08/27/10
lovely tank! ur gourami is beautiful.
From willow on 08/12/09
that's a really beautiful tank you have there.
From MonsiuerPercy1 on 08/08/09
Cool thanks
From rgs1975 on 08/06/09
Thanks. They don't move around a whole lot, that's for sure. Each day I check on them and they have usually adjusted their position enough to be noticeable. Sometimes they'll be deeper in the gravel, sometimes shallower. They seem to change the angle they are tilted to pretty often. It's neat when they start to open up a bit and you can see the membrane between the shell halves and their little opening with the hairs around it pulsating.
From MonsiuerPercy1 on 08/04/09
Nice tank. I see you have a freshwater clam in there. Do they actually do anything or just sit there?
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