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Loach Tank
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NameLoach Tank
Size55 Gallons
C02 Systemnone yet
FertilizerFlourish Complete, Flourish excel, Flourish Iron, Flourish potassium
Inhabitants15- Kuhlii Loaches
7- White Cloud Minnows
7- Harlequin Rasboras
7- Cardinal Tetras
10- Otos
1-Siamese algae eater
11- Amano Shrimp
30-Ghost Shrimp
FiltrationEheim Pro 3
LightingCoralife 48" 130w 6500K HO fluorescent, Coralife 3 watt moonlight LED
Temperature78 degrees
DecorPenny Wort, Temple Green, Italian Val, Java Moss, Star Grass and Blyxa Japanica. 3 bog logs, Eco-Complete gravel, Coconut mat, Black Sand & Mountain River Gravel.
AccessoriesHydor 1 circulator, 300w heater
FoodHikari: micro wafers and pellets, medium wafers and pellets, algae wafers, frozen blood worms. Feeding every other day and changing food each time feeding.
From Poleren on 03/24/14
From christina l k on 03/16/10
nice tank i love the loach action plus the little fish at the top i think you did a great job placing your decor seems very balanced thanks for sharing the video
From gmdf411 on 01/04/10
I love loaches. Great tank. :)
From fish999 on 12/11/09
Beautiful! Great Job decorating.
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