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20g Planted
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Name20g Planted
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systempressurized, 1-2 bps 24/7
FertilizerRoot tabs for the Ozelot Sword and Madagascar Lace
Inhabitants6x Black Phantom tetras (4m 2f)
1x German Blue Ram (female)
8x Cherry Shrimp

Moss Ball
Crypt Parva
Crypt (not sure which kind it is)
Ozelot Sword
Madagascar lace
Hygro Corymbosa
Rotala Indica
Rosette Sword
FiltrationAqueon QuietFlow 30
LightingDual T5 HO
ZooMed Flora Sun 5000k
ZooMed Ultra Sun 6500k
Temperature78* F
DecorDrift wood and live plants
Accessories100 watt Aqueon heater
Mostly Spectrum New Life pellets
Frozen Blood Worms once in a while
Some times flake food
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