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Community Tank
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NameCommunity Tank
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants 2 Kribensis with fry, 1 Gold Opaline gourami, 1 Platy, 1 Brachardi, 1 surviving lone Neon, 1 guppy, 1 Buenos Aires Tetra, 1 Julii cory, 1 Black Fin Tetra, 2 Bristlenose Pleco, 1 upside down catfish
FiltrationRena 2
DecorOctopus, Skin Diver, variety plastic plants, Small cave ornament, two small beach buckets
FoodTetra Flakes, Color beads, Variety Frozen Freshwater cubes, baby brine shrimp
From 6998 on 09/11/09
From willow on 08/02/09
great video,congrats on the fry.
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