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Size55 Gallons
Florish Liquid
Inhabitants2 white skirt tetras - 1"
6 long fin black widow tetras - 1.5 - 2"
6 tiger barbs - 1"
6 albino tiger barbs
4 silver dollars >2"
8 neon tetras - 1"
1 kissing gorami - 4"
5 nerite snails
FiltrationDouble external over the back.
Charcoal media wrapped with polyester.
Parameters for well water at the tap: Kh 89.5, Gh 143.2, Ph 6.8, N's 0.
Tank has been established since Nov., 2012.
Went through a major bout of fungus (4-2013). Do 50% water change every two weeks or so.
Tank is balanced.
LightingArtificial - Approximately 10-12 hrs. daily.
2 - 17" T8 Life-Glo aquarium bulbs
No direct sunlight. Some dim reflected.
Temperature76 degrees
Decor1. Washed pea gravel, approximately 2.5" deep.
2. Rocks - quartz, petrified wood, lava rock, agate, geode, fossil, ocean washed - all hard and boiled before use.
3. Drift wood, drilled for a plant, purchased at a fish store.
4. Live Plants: Anubias hastifolia, Hornwort, Swords, Ludwigia, other
mostly hard leafed planted that won't be eaten by the Silver Dollars. I am uncertain of the specific names since I have had to add so many to arrive at a variety that will survive.
AccessoriesSmall jade frog.
Glazed nonporous Budha.

FoodFeed once a day.
Aqueon color enhancing tropical flakes, frozen blood worms or fresh romaine. Sometimes live mosquito larvae.
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