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Size55 Gallons
Inhabitantsx2 Red- eared sliders. One male (Powerfist), one female (Deathcrush).
x3 Red Devil Cichlids (around 5" in length). 2 females, one male. No names.
x1 Small-ish Plecostomus (4" or so). His name is Plecysaurus-rex.
FiltrationPenguin Biowheel 350 HOB
Lightingx2 standard 15 watt florescents and a clamp lamp with 75 watt Turtletuff bulb for basking.
Temperature76 Farenheit
Decor2 nylon terrarium plants with suction cups (which look suspiciously like pot plants).
AccessoriesLarge 9x12 turtle dock
300 GPH cheapo powerhead.
Tetra air pump rated for 100g tanks with two airstones.
FoodZoo-medl turtle pellets,Tetra Jumbo krill, Hikari Chichlid staple, Blood worms, and occasional feeder goldfish. I try feeding them veggies sometimes, but they rarely eat it.
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