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Cichlids Tank
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NameCichlids Tank
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemYes
FertilizerExcel, apt co2 booster,root tabs
Inhabitants3 German Blue Rams (1 paired), 2 KeyHoles,4 Adult Angels (1 paired), 2 Curviceps, 5 Green Cory's, 5 Clown Loaches, 1 Dwarf Neon Rainbow,1 rubber lip Pleco ,and a few mts.
FiltrationMarine land penguin 350. 2-3 PWC weekly
LightingT8 Quad
DecorTons of hand made buried caves and heavily planted
AccessoriesFluval electronic heater, air pump w/4 outputs to 4 deprecate air stones
FoodBrine shrimp,flake,sinking pellets, bloodworms, and algae wafers
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