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New 55g SW Fish/Invert tank.
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NameNew 55g SW Fish/Invert tank.
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock20 lbs Figi, 20 lbs Florida. (Getting more very soon).
Sump10g with no baffles or anything. Soon making a 20-30g sump when I switch stands.
Power Head(s)x2 K4s coming soon. Right now I have cheapos in there
Protein SkimmerRed Sea Prizm :(
InhabitantsCinna-buddy: I believe female 3" Cinnamon Clown.
Star-buddy: Chocolate chip starfish.
x5 Scarlett Reef Hermits
x5 Nassarius Snails
x2 Cerith Snails
Many more inverts to come soon.
FiltrationHome-made Wet/dry in my sump.
LightingStandard 15-watt florescents.
Temperature82 Farenheit.
DecorDoes Live Rock count?
AccessoriesHome-made specimen cup overflow. Cheap powerhead for return pump.
FoodRed Sea pellet food, frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysid shrimp.
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