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Size6 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Tabs, Microbe-Lift bloom and grow
Inhabitantsmale betta, 3 otto's, 5 ghost shrimp
Filtrationpenguin 100 with outlet diffeuser
Lighting10 watt CF
Decorbalanese lantern, drift wood, plants
Foodzucchini, brine shrimp, betta pellets, blood worms, daphnia, tetramin crisps (for shrimp)
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
That is what i call betta heaven
From lunawatsername on 04/21/11
wow amazing betta tank! i hope mine looks half as good when im done :)
From Blaxicanlatino on 11/02/09
wow! amazing looking tank! what kind of plants are in there?
From SueK on 09/11/09
Wow! What a lucky betta! Great job.
From Kim on 08/10/09
AMAZING tank! Zeus reminds me of my Victor! He's very cute and looks really happy :)
From neenjar on 08/04/09
Thank you!
From Amphitrite on 08/04/09
What a beautiful betta tank and gorgeous fish!!
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