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Big Reds House
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NameBig Reds House
Size5 Gallons
InhabitantsOne Male Red Betta
FiltrationI have a filter that came with the 5 gallon tank it was a kit/set I bought off its a really great filter. (5/10/13) I just recently upgraded to an AquaClear 20 power filter.
LightingThe tank came with two sets of lights on the top LED Blue lighting and Pure White LED lights, it has three settings. You can leave on just the white lights, or just the blue lights, or both white and blue at the same time.
TemperatureA perfect 80% degrees as per my Thermometer, just the right temperature for my fishy friends, I'm real OCD about my tanks temperature; I know my fishy friends can appreciate that.
DecorI have 3 Banana plants at the bottom of my aquarium, but will have 6 soon; they are all lush and green very healthy, my Pleco must be happy they are there. (Recent Update 4/20/13) I just purchased 4 more Banana plants for a total of 7 Banana plants in my freshwater aquarium.
AccessoriesViaAqua 50 Watt Quartz Heater.
FoodI feed my fish dry blood worms, San Francisco Bay Brine Shrimp, New Life Spectrum Betta Formula (Semi Floating Pellets). I feed them two times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a super balanced diet for my Betta.
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