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92 Gallon Corner
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Name92 Gallon Corner
Size92 Gallons
Live Rock50lbs.
Sump125 Gallon Wet/Dry
Power Head(s)(2) Powersweeps, (1) Korlia 2 Powerhead
Protein SkimmerBOYU Sump Protein Skimmer 800L
Inhabitants(1) Hippo Tang
(1) Short-Spined Brittle Star
(1) Ocellaris Clownfish
(1) Royal Gramma
(1) Chocloate Chip Star
(1) Sand Sifting Star
(1) Yellow Tang
(1) Kole Tang
(3) Peppermint Shrimp
(1) Male Square Anthias
FiltrationCascade 1500
Lighting36" and 30" Double Strip; both with 18,000K and Actinic T-8s
DecorLive Rock
FoodFull Spectrum Marine Pellet and Various Frozen
From MoneyMitch on 10/22/09
nice setup!! need some more pics!!
From 6998 on 10/16/09
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