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Ocean Dream (in progress)
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NameOcean Dream (in progress)
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size56 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerSeachem Flourish Comp & Excel
Seachem root tabs
InhabitantsBetta fish - 1
Neon tetra - 10
Zebra Nerite snail - 3
Ghost/glass shrimp - 15
Red cherry shrimp
FiltrationFluval Aquaclear 70/300 rpm HOB
LightingT5no dual (6700K 18wt, Colormax 18 wt)
40 wt 20'' fluorescent
Temperature77 F
DecorAnubias nana, barteri, coffeefolia
Cryptocoryne lutea, wendtii, undulate,
Sagittaria subulata
Ludwigia narrow leaf
Java fern - regular & narrow leaf
Dwarf hairgrass
Christmas moss
Java moss
Hygrophila "Kompakt", difformis (wisteria)
Ozelot sword
Amazon sword
Cabomba green
Vallisneria americana
Fluorite substrate
AccessoriesHeater Quec 150 w
Fluval QI air pump w/stone
FoodTetraVeggie Tropical algae wafers
TetraMin tropical flakes
Aqueon betta food
Frozen shelled peas
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