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This and That
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NameThis and That
Size0 Gallons
InhabitantsMarbled Bichir
Royal Plec
Banjo Catfish
2 Uaru
3 Archer Fish
Mixture of Botia's (Pakistani loach, Burmese Border loach, Zebra loach)
3 speckled corydoras
3 Zebra Snails
Bulldog Plec
DecorMedium Planted with varius plants from Amazon Swords,( which i hope to replace as the Uaru's have a habit of chewing),Barteri Round Leaf and various others.
Rocks. (Some nice medium dark rocks.)
terracotta plant pots. (not to big, but look great and allow for hiding spots for bichir and plecs)
From aunt kymmie on 07/29/09
Your tank sounds nice. Would LOVE too see some pics :)
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