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125 FW
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Name125 FW
Size125 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
FertilizerFlourish comprehensive & root tabs
Inhabitants80+ Long-Fin White Clouds
L144 BN Pleco, Calico BN Pleco
FiltrationMarineland 350 HOB (55g)
Marineland H.O.T Magnum Pro (55g)
2x HydroSponge Pro IV (80g)
Whisper AP150
Lighting2x 3' T8 "TropicSun" bulbs at rear of tank.
2x Marineland LED @ tank front
Temperatureroom temp, about 78F
DecorLarge driftwood, Rock, river rock streambed
Java Moss
American Val
Dwarf Sag
Green Cabomba
AccessoriesPlastic Plants
FoodFlake, Plecocaine, frozed zucchini
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