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The Tweeker Pad
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NameThe Tweeker Pad
OwnerNicci Lu
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemExcel
FertilizerFlourish, Flourish Iron
InhabitantsD'Artagnan- male HM betta; the Tyrones- 6 black kuhli loaches; Marty- 10 Yunnanilus cruciatus loaches; As Yet Unnamed- 11 Sidthimunki loaches; Grumpy- clown pleco; the 4 Jacques- 4 Amano shrimp; Darth Vader- assassin snail
FiltrationPenguin Bio-wheel 200
Lighting23 watt 6500K x2
DecorSoil substrate NPT, coconut cave, mopani wood, rock caves, Indian almond leaf litter, moss-covered floating betta cave
Plants: frogbit, hornwort, red ludwigia, cabomba, pennywort, water wisteria, Amazon sword, dwarf sag, rotala indica, anacharis, java fern, java moss
Accessories100 watt Eheim heater
FoodOmega One betta pellets, shrimp pellets; Repashy Meat Pie, Soilent Green; frozen bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp
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