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Bianco's Place
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NameBianco's Place
Size2 Gallons
InhabitantsBianco, pastel Betta
FiltrationUnder-gravel with a central column of bubbles behind plastic.
LightingUnderlit by color-changing LEDs
TemperatureRoom temp for now, 72 degrees after I get his heater hooked up.
DecorOne plastic plant, soon to be replaced by a live plant, one white greek ruin, looks like a broken doorway.
AccessoriesNone for now, thermometer as soon as possible.
FoodTopFin Color Enhancing Betta Bits, the occasional AquaSelect bloodworm.
From Pearl2011 on 08/20/12
Saw one at wal-mart, they are so cool! Didn't think theyd actually work though.
From Kelly100 on 07/03/12
From MoneyMitch on 10/22/09
my friend got one of those from walmart, the light changes colors and what you see is the airstone producing bubbles. it looks that way casue as we all know cameras take still pictures.
From veganchick on 09/18/09
looks cool!
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/16/09
what is in the middle of the tank?
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