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Guppie Tank (First Aquarium)
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NameGuppie Tank (First Aquarium)
Size30 Gallons
InhabitantsGuppies, Snails, Albino Catfish
FiltrationWhat's that?? It's has a sump filter
LightingHas some bulbs in it, it's bright, makes it easier to see in the tank. T5 2 bulb 4 bulb on the way I forget the output
TemperatureA constant wet, 79 degrees F.
DecorSelf assembled drift wood placements, low light easy growing plants.
AccessoriesI call her my wife? Not many though
FoodFlake, Mosquito Larvae, Micro worms (easy to make yourself just ask) and brine shrimp
From willow on 02/24/10
the wood really makes the tank,nice job.
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/14/09
albino cories are awesome :) the substrate in my 20 gal is white so it was so hard to find mine before he/she died :(
From Amphitrite on 08/07/09
Very nice looking tank!
From jeaninel on 08/05/09
Great lookin' tank. Nicely scaped.
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