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peace on earth
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Namepeace on earth
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 synodontis Eupterus, 1 bumblebee cat, 4 pearl gouramis, 1 rope fish, 1 pleco, 1 red tail shark,6 asst cories and 3 other fish that truthfully I have no idea what they are
Filtrationaqua clear 500
Lightingall I am using is the lights my tank came with originally
Temperature78 degrees
Decormostly Rocks and caves due to having catfish but I am working on making it a planted aquarium
Foodflake food , granules,baby shrimp, shrimp pelletsw, bottom pellets, frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worms
From Jayy on 04/02/10
the other fish look like rainbow fish to me
From La Reina on 12/01/09
Awesome tank! Your inidentified fish look like gouramis to me... Not sure what type.
From Amphitrite on 08/20/09
Lovely tank, great pictures!
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