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180 Gallon Amazonian Aquarium
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Name180 Gallon Amazonian Aquarium
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants8 Angelfish, 2 Black Ghost Knifefish, and 1 Reticulated Stingray.
FiltrationA 40 Gallon wet-dry/sump comboand a UV Sterilizer.
Lightinglights that came with the tank.
Temperature84 degrees F
DecorDriftwood, rocks, a fake root, 2 clear tubes, and swordplants.
FoodBloodworms, blackworms, flakes, pellets, snails, etc.
From aussieJJDude on 12/13/12
Love the angels! :D and the ray looks awesome too :D
From fishfreak2009 on 01/28/10
It's 180 gallons, not 127.
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