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SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size127 Gallons
Live Rock250 lbs.
Sump30 gallon
Power Head(s)4 Koralias.
Protein SkimmerG200 skimmer
Inhabitants1 bicolor angel, 1 pj cardinal, 2 True percula clownfish, 1 long spined urchin, and some snails. 1 Heniochus acuminatus, 1 Pearlscale Butterfly, 1 Mandarinfish.
FiltrationRemoval pad and overflow. Refugium, live sand live rock, and a G200 protein skimmer.
Lightingacintic and a regular strip light.
Temperature78 degrees F
DecorLive Rock and some dead corals. Caulerpa prolifera
FoodFormulas 1 & 2, spirulina flakes, regular flakes, frozen mysis and brine shrimp, clams, mussels, and earthworms (the urchin loves them)
From fishfreak2009 on 01/01/10
My tank is 187 Gallons not 127 like it says. It won't let me change it.
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