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My First Planted Tank
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NameMy First Planted Tank
OwnerEmerald Terror
Size60 Gallons
C02 SystemMaybe in the future
Fertilizer Flourish comprehensive supplement
Inhabitants7x Amazon Swords
3x Java Fern
Lost count x Jungle Val

5x Marble angelfish
1x brilliant blue discus
4x peppered Cory cats
4x standard Cory cats
FiltrationFluval 305 filer
LightingCoralife 48 Inch Aqualight With 2-65W Actinic / 2-65W 10,000K Lamp Straight Pin Base (with fans)
Decor1 Large piece of drift wood
1 small piece of drift wood
AccessoriesHeater( don't know how strong but both sides of the tank are the same temp)
FoodOmega one blood worms
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