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Prof. Lupin's Tank
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NameProf. Lupin's Tank
Size6 Gallons
Inhabitants1 male veiltail betta named Professor Lupin. He was a rescue from a teacher at school and now has a new lease on life :)
FiltrationAzoo mini-HOB filter with the flow turned way down
Lighting8 watt fluorescent bulb
Temperature80 degrees Fahrenheit
I use a 25 watt Visi-Therm Stealth heater - they are the best!

DecorRight now....not as much as I would like. I've been slowly re-building my tanks since I had to stretch 2 tanks worth of silk plants & decorations into 3. Now I have a few silk plants and a flowerpot. I'm looking for some driftwood for the future.
FoodHikari betta bio- gold pellets
Bettamin Flakes
brine shrimp
From tanker on 04/13/10
What a beautiful colour he is.
From Tyyrlym on 08/14/09
I like the Prof's new digs, very nice looking tank. There's something oddly nice about ceramic pots in fish tanks.
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