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Victor & Edelweiss' Tank
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NameVictor & Edelweiss' Tank
Size15 Gallons
Inhabitants1 red/blue/cream colored, male, veiltail betta named Victor

1 pink and white betta girl named Edelweiss - I think she is a veiltail as well
Filtration5-15 gal Whisper filter with baffle
Lighting15 watt fluorescent bulb
Temperature80 degrees Fahrenheit
controlled by a Visi-Therm Deluxe heater
DecorSilk plants, flower pot, and a few rocks. I am looking to redecorate this tank as well as my other 2 along with changing the substrate to gravel.
Accessoriesdivider which separates the tank into 2 7.5 gallon compartments
FoodHikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets
Bettamin Flakes
brine shrimp
From doggyhog on 02/01/10
I would love to be a betta in that tank.... :)
From Blaxicanlatino on 09/01/09
Beautiful tank! nice looking Bettas
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