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Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants3 Female Bettas, 1 Common Pleco, 2 Gold Mystery Snails, 2 African Dwarf Frogs, and 17 Ghost Shrimp.
FiltrationAquaClear 50, Green Killing Machine 9 watt UV sterilizer.
LightingAqeon T8 24 inch Fluorescent lighting, LED Red Volcano for night time lighting.
Temperature80% Fahrenheit
DecorPink Gravel, Malaysian Driftwood, Live Rock, 8 Banana Plants, LED Red Volcano
AccessoriesViaAqua 200 Watt Heater, UV Sterilizer Filter, AquaClear 50 Power Filter, LED Red Volcano, Marina Thermometer
FoodFreeze Dried Bloodworms, Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp, Spectrum Betta Pellets, HBH Frog and Tadpole Reptile Bites
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