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Shiny Happy Fishes Holding Hands
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NameShiny Happy Fishes Holding Hands
Size14 Gallons
Inhabitants10 harlequin rasbora
3 ghost shrimp
1 bamboo shrimp
1 male halfmoon betta
1 nerite snail
2 rubbermouth pleco (small)
Filtrationaqueon 10
Lightingyes in tank cover, two bulbs, warm colored light
Decorred sandstone, mopani wood, 3 plastic plants, 2 pieces lucky bamboo, 6 pieces of anubia, 1 broadleaf plant(id uncertain), 1 marimo ball, 2 mayaca plants, 1 cherry hedge.
AccessoriesTiny pagoda
floating hoop to section off betta food from flake food (because mollies are piggies), heater, filter
FoodAqueon tropical with spirulina. Marimo ball for natural algae for shrimp. Occasional dried bloodworm for treats.
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