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My Fishy Home
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NameMy Fishy Home
Size0 Gallons
Inhabitants3 Goldfish, One fantail fish, One Plec, 2 weatherloaches, one sucking loach, one shark fish.
FiltrationFluval u3
LightingTwo lights
DecorFew little plants and a pot so far!
FoodFlake..though want to look into something better! And alge wafers for the algie eaters!
From Crocer on 01/26/11
where did you get the black gold fish?
From konstargirl on 05/20/10
Those goldfish look big in there.
From Bottomfeeder on 10/01/09
Also, some of the fish are mislabeled ;) 4 Goldfish, a Bala Shark, a Common Pleco ( Sucking Loach i suppose, which can reach 2 ft+) What size is the tank?
From Bottomfeeder on 10/01/09
That tank is waaay too small
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