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Bichir Tank
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NameBichir Tank
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitantstwo Senegal Bichir (1 albino)
One Pleco
Two Pearl Gourami
One ? Gourami
FiltrationWhisper filter
LightingFlorescent lighting.
DecorWood, rocks, and a bubble curtain across the back.
AccessoriesA little hut.
FoodFlakes, ghost shrimp, feeder fish very rarely.
From aussieJJDude on 08/23/13
Love the tank! The unknown gurami is a colour morph of the three-spot gourami..
From platyfishlover123 on 09/04/11
Love your fish! :)
From ElectricBlueJackDempsey on 09/12/10
I think the ? Gourami is a Moon Light Gourami
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