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Artgals Angelfish Tank
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NameArtgals Angelfish Tank
Size75 Gallons
FertilizerPPS Pro Dosing
InhabitantsAngelfish and common Plecos
FiltrationFluval 405 & HOB filter
Lighting3 Flourescent Fixtures with 108 watts
Temperature80 degrees
DecorLive Plants, Driftwood & Rocks
From aussieJJDude on 12/12/13
Wow, I LOVE your tank!
From Coqui on 02/19/12
I like your tank. very NATURAL looking
From LisaC144 on 10/14/10
WOW! That is one gorgeous Angel!
From Zeetrain on 08/27/10
I really like that calico
From trukgirl on 08/19/10
From scalar on 04/28/10
love those angles,and the set up is very nice to.
From HollyinWA on 01/21/10
Beautiful tank and beautiful Angel fish!
From NC Frank on 10/18/09
Always loved angelfish. Awesome tank!
From MonsiuerPercy1 on 09/05/09
Beautiful tank!
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