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Shrimp/Fry Tank
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NameShrimp/Fry Tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants4 guppy fry
FiltrationAir Sponge
LightingUm, a light I had left over for now.
DecorDrift Wood, Plants
FoodFlake food, brine shrimp, Micro worms,
From redlessi on 09/16/09
I love the easy chair set up,I could spend a lot of time in that chair. Beautiful tanks!!
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/14/09
yeah definitely a nice set up :) i cant wait to get more tanks :)
From Ptrain on 09/10/09
Ahh that was always my dream to have a bunch of tanks centered around an easy chair. Kudos on your setup :)
From aunt kymmie on 08/26/09
I agree. What a great space. Love it & your tanks!
From willow on 08/22/09
looks like an ideal place to be,can i pop on over and sit in that chair a while. :)
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