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20gL Community
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Name20gL Community
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants4 fancy goldfish [red/white ryukin - Tanchi, calico lionhead - Ricochet, orange fantail - Machete, yellow/black fantail - Kasumi] • 2 angelfish [marble veil - Echo, marble veil - Reverb] • 2 plecos [female bristlenose - Flux, male rubberlip - Captain Jack Harkness] • 3 female bettas [blue/green/red CT - Dragonfly, blue butterfly HMEE - Naussicaδ, copper HMEE - Chihiro] • 10 assorted platies • 3 black phantom tetras • 2 corydoras [julii cory - Alexander, dainty cory - Tobuscus] • 5 kuhli loaches [2 black, 3 banded] • female german blue ram [Sparx] • male gold longfin zebra danio • male white cloud mountain minnow
FiltrationTetra Whisper 40i
Lighting10g hood over planted half - 2 40 watt CFLs
DecorJava fern • java moss
AccessoriesTerra cotta pots and pieces, fake stump
FoodOmega One and Hikari goldfish pellets • Omeg One shrimp pellets • Hikari algae wafers • Tetra tropical flakes and granules • frozen foods • fresh foods
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