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125 Gallon
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Name125 Gallon
Size125 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Weather Loach
7 Redline Sharks (Denison's Barbs)
4 Long Finned Rosy Barbs
2 Neon Rosy Barbs
1 Gold Rosy Barb
9 Congo Tetras
9 Diamond Tetras
7 Black Ruby Barbs
2 Cherry Barbs
4 Albino Cherry Barbs
1 Pictus Catfish
1 Clown Pleco
1 Bristlenose Pleco (Male)
1 Red Tail Sternella Pleco
1 Kribensis (Male)
1 Angelfish (Male)
1 African Butterfly Fish
1 Blue Micky Mouse Platy (Male)
1 Black Moscow Swordtail (Female)
1 Fancy Guppy (Male)
1 Orangespotted Sunfish
Filtration2 Marineland Emperor 400 Power Filters
Lighting2 36" t8 Hagen Life-Glo Flourescent
3 25W Compact Flourescent 6500K Bulbs
Temperature76 F
Accessories2 Fluval E300 Electronic Heaters
1 Tetra Whisper Dual Outlet Air Pump
1 Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit
1 Coralife Digital Power Center
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