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Phatz Aquarium
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NamePhatz Aquarium
Size45 Gallons
C02 SystemN/A
Inhabitants1 male Dalmatian molly 1 female black molly 1 female tuxedo platy 1 female red wag platy 1 female high fin platy 1 female bumble bee platy 1 male mickey mouse platy 2 pepper cories 2 albino cories 2 green cories 2 emerald green cories.
Filtration400 GPH and Bio Filter with media
LightingDouble Fluorescent Lighting
Temperature78-80 F
DecorLive Plants Water Wisteria Annubis Congensis Annubis Marimo Moss Ball Sloping Rock With Hiding Spots Air Stone and Air Disc
AccessoriesInternal Digital Thermometer
FoodTropical Flakes Spirulina Flakes Bloodworms Wheat Germ Pellets Shrimp Pellets Brine Shrimp
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