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First tank (in adulthood)
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NameFirst tank (in adulthood)
OwnerAll that is Fishy
Size38 Gallons
Inhabitants-2 Dwarf gouramis
-2 Platys
-7 Tetras (cardinal and I think blue emperor)
-1 Guppy
-1 Blue ram
-1 Pleco (I am not sure what kind, but he is and will remain pretty small)
-1 Pictus catfish
FiltrationAqueon power filter
LightingLow-lighting (I think fluorescent- It came with the tank)
Temperature80 degrees
Decor1 rock, 3 small moss covered rocks, 3 pieces of aquatic wood, and probably 10 plants.
AccessoriesPython No Spill Clean and Fill (not able to use yet because of an old style faucet, but working on it)
FoodNew Life Spectrum Thera + A (regular formula)
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