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The Cichlid Cypress
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Name The Cichlid Cypress
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systema big pump...not too sure...good enough for 50 gallon, lots of air.
Inhabitants2 Blue Cobalt Cichlids
1 Rusty Cichlid
1 Gold Pleco
5 guppies
Two Youth Apple Snails
and atleast one or two baby snails
FiltrationTetra "Whisper"
Suitable for a 45 gallon.
LightingN/A (Lame)
DecorTwo Live Plants
1 nice peice of driftwood
AccessoriesSorry my pictures are too big to load just workin on this. however i have pics in my profile (which is weird??)
FoodBrine shrimp
Vegi Cichlid food
algae pellets just in case.
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