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NameDisplay tank
Size110 Gallons
Live Rock70lbs haitian, figi, DIY
Sump40 gal refugium
Power Head(s)koralia
Protein Skimmeroctopus
Lighting Schedule6pm-2am actinics
8pm-12 midnight full sun
Inhabitantsblack percula, true percula, tiger pistol, diamond goby pair, blue spot goby, GBTA,
rock anemone, xenia elongata, red mushrooms, orange ricordia, yellow polyps, zoanthids, purple mushrooms emerald crabs, sand sifting stars, blue linkia, nassarius snails, olive snail,
Filtrationrefugium, sump
Lighting6x 52 watt t-5
Decorlive rock
Foodfrozen and pellets
From Seilethin on 09/09/09
Thats pretty awesome, man.
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