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Zen Garden
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NameZen Garden
Size27 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY yeast, sugar and warm water with air diffuser on end.
FertilizerSera - Florenette A tablets
Sera - Florena liquid fert.
Inhabitants3 male guppies
7 female / juvenile guppies
4 corys (forgot specific name)
1 Dwarf Gourami
2 Pearl Gourami
FiltrationFluval U1 and Elite mini filter (mainly used to oxygenate the water)
Lighting1 x 20 watt T8 Aqua-glo bulb
Temperature24C or 75.2F
DecorI have used bamboo to create a zen look, the bamboo tapers towards the centre, emphasising the plants in the middle. I have used black and white gravel to represent Yin/Yang
FoodSera Vipan flakes ans Sera Vipagran granules. I also feed broccoli, cucumber etc and occasionally bloodworms.
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