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Community Tank
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NameCommunity Tank
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants2x Angel Fish
2xColumbian Tetra
6xPenguin Tetra
1xAlbino Corydoras
1xBronze Corydoras
1xPeppered Corydoras
1xCommon Pleco
1xCrowntail Siamese Fighter
FiltrationBuilt in filtration + pump system Juwel Rekord 800 tank
Lighting2xPhillips Master TL-D 18W/865
(came with tank)
Decor1x Barnacle Rock
1x Hiraka immitation Clam on rock
6x Hiraka white feng shui rocks
Assortment of imitation plants
Accessories1x Interpet Airvolution1 Airpump 50hz/2.5w (would recommend, mines silent) + 12" Airwall stone
Foodvaried - King British Tropical flake food, Aquarian Tropical flake food, Homemade Pleco pellet, bloodworm and brineshrimp
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